Monthly Subscription

Do you love our goat milk soap? Do you want to receive a package each month at a discounted rate without having to order them over and over? Sign up for our $22 subscription and receive three bars of all natural goat milk soap monthly.

Your monthly subscription box will include three bars handpicked from our all natural collection of soaps. We may also send speciality bars, not available on our website. If there is a specific bar that you want as part of your subscription, please send us an email and we will include it in your order if available.

Monthly subscription boxes will be shipped in 1-2 business days after each monthly charge.

Ingredients are listed on the back of each bar. Please let us know if you have allergies to a particular ingredient and we will not include the product with your order.

To set up your monthly subscription click here to be redirected to our safe and secure Stripe Checkout page.

Price: $22/month recurring charge. If you need to edit or cancel your subscription at any time please contact us.

To contact us by email:

Or call us at 601-255-3746