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Breed: Full Blooded Nubian

Registerable: NO

DOB: March 16th, 2021

Born here at Emma Wilder Farm

Dam: Davis Run Pepper

Sire: Goddard Farm Smooth Dabo

Both the dam and sire were residents of Hickory Ridge Nubians in Poplarville, MS. I purchased Pepper (dam) on February 14th 2021. Hank was dam raised.

Hank is a large and powerfully built nubian buck with a good year left to grow. He sired my nannies this past fall and is no longer needed here, as his job is complete. He is up to date on CDT vaccination. The only negative I can say about him is that he has scurs. He was one of the first goats that I disbudded so it wasn’t a perfect job. His little horn buds are pictured here.

He is a good natured buck and has never acted aggressive. He does like to play and that can be a bit intimidating due to his size. If you have any questions please send me an email at

Sold out!


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