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Sugar Registered Nubian Doeling


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Breed: Full Blooded Nubian Doeling

Registered: Yes

Disbudded: Yes

DOB: February 2nd, 2023

Birth location: Emma Wilder Farm (Seminary, MS)

Dam: Colton Creek Nubians Comet

Sire: Coles-Ridge Bell Darcy

Sugar was born here and is dam raised. She is up to date on CDT. Dam and Sire both came from CAE free herds. Her sire (Darcy) has great genetics all around. The sire’s dam is one of the best does at Coles Ridge Nubian Farm. Sugar’s dam (Comet) is a little smaller than some of our large dams. This season we are keeping the doelings from our taller Nubians only, so we are offering her for sale. She should be a fine milk goat and have her first heat around early September.

Her dam has a good udder and has a solid healthy build. Sugar will be available for sale by May 1st, 2023. I prefer to keep kids with their dams until they are 90 days. Local pick up only.

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Sold out!

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