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Have you read the ingredients in your store-bought soap and wondered if it’s suitable for your family? So have we. That’s why we make raw goat milk soap from a natural list of ingredients you can actually pronounce!

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Emma Wilder Farm is located just south of Seminary, Mississippi. The farm is owned by us (Kimberly and Barry Broome). Click here to text us! We raise Nubian milk goats and keep a honey bee apiary on our farm where we bottle raw honey and harvest beeswax. We are proud members of the Mississippi Dept. of Agriculture’s Genuine MS program.

Genuine MS goat milk soap

You may see some items are sold out, but rest assured they are in production. Raw goat milk soap is cold processed and has to cure at least four weeks. We try to stay ahead of the demand for these all natural soap bars but do sell out on occasion. So check back often if we are out something you like, and feel free to ask when a product may become available. 

Mississippi Goat Milk Soap

We produce all natural Mississippi goat milk soap, free from harsh chemicals and additives. We are a palm oil free facility. Our soaps are handmade from our own raw goat milk, natural oils, lye, and essential oils; our Oats & Honey soap bars contain honey harvested from our own bees. We don’t cut corners, water down our raw milk, or thin the essential oils in your soap. For our scented soap bars we only use 100% essential oils and other natural ingredients. For example, our Pumpkin Spice Soap contains real pumpkin puree. We make wholesome eco-friendly products, using the healthiest ingredients available. Your skin will thank you!

You can contact us by clicking here or call us at 601-255-3746



  • Two More Weeks
    We’ve spent every spare minute working on our barn addition, which is actually an indoor goat milking parlor. Hey y’all it’s even climate controlled. People keep asking when it will be finished and we keep saying ‘Two more weeks…’. I think we’ve been saying that since last year. I tend to be very optimistic regarding…
  • Fall 2022 update
    September 2022 is finally here and that means things are about to get extra busy for us. From now through Christmas we will be working hard to fill online orders and attending local festivals. This past Saturday we were vendors at the Laurel Mercantile Mississippi Made event. There was a great crowd from all over…
  • Post holiday soap making
    The 2021 holiday season has passed and most of our goat milk soap inventory was depleted. In fact, pretty much all categories of our products were wiped out. Kim decided to make a Spiced Orange soap bar for the Christmas season and I was surprised at how many people liked that one. For the past…