Fall 2022 update

September 2022 is finally here and that means things are about to get extra busy for us. From now through Christmas we will be working …
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Post holiday soap making

The 2021 holiday season has passed and most of our goat milk soap inventory was depleted. In fact, pretty much all categories of our products …
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pair nubian goats

Nubian Goats

Breed: Nubian goats are called Anglo-Nubian in Britain, where the breed originated. The term “Nubian” was first coined in France, where goats had been imported from …
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Going palm oil free

It was probably in the shampoo you used this morning, or the soap you scrubbed yourself with, the toothpaste you brushed with, the vitamin pills …
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purple bar soap

Early August Soap Making

Kim and I are ramping up our goats milk soap inventory in preparation for two large Fall festivals in late September/early October. Later this year …
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