Stryker Doe in Milk


Breed: 75% Nubian 25% Alpine

Registerable: No

Disbudded: Yes

DOB: February 20th, 2022

Birth location: Emma Wilder Farm (Seminary, MS)

Dam: Mavis (Our old herd queen. Her udder is pictured. Mavis is on site for viewing).

Sire: Hank (Full blooded Nubian). Short video of Hank flirting here.

Short video of Stryker with her buckling.

Stryker is a first freshener. She is currently nursing a single buckling (Ranger) and is being milked/trained during the mornings on the stand. We began milking her on 4/5/2023 using an electric Melasty milking machine. She is already doing well on the stand. Her dam is a great milker with a good udder. Stryker is not for sale, this listing is for reference. As easily as she took to milking, along with her calm demeanor, we’ve decided to keep Styker for at least another season.

Her dam was negative for CAE from test on June of 2022. Stryker is a very sweet goat and about 85 lbs and still growing. She’s up to date on CDT vaccine and received both doses of Vimco mastitis vaccine this spring in preparation for milking. She’s a solid built doe with above average hoof quality. If you have any questions please send me an email at

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