Post holiday soap making

The 2021 holiday season has passed and most of our goat milk soap inventory was depleted. In fact, pretty much all categories of our products were wiped out. Kim decided to make a Spiced Orange soap bar for the Christmas season and I was surprised at how many people liked that one. For the past year though, our top sellers remained Oats & Honey, Lavender, and Peppermint goat milk soap.

In August and September we ramped up our inventory in preparation for the holidays. We set a sales target and surpassed it. Those sales enabled us to buy more equipment and raw materials for 2022. This year we plan to expand our online sales, festival attendance, wholesale market, and offer monthly subscription options. We still have some frozen goat milk from this past year and our nannies will be kidding soon. So there will be plenty of milk available for soap making etc.

New years day we started back on production and have plenty curing on the racks for now. We’ve worked every weekend so far this year and today will be no exception.

Mississippi goat milk
My first goat from 2017. This is Mavis and she is now the herd queen. It was very cold that day so I put her in a sweater.

For this spring, we are again adding Lemongrass with Poppy Seed, along with Geranium with Sea Salt back into production. We also purchased sage essential oil. Our first batch of sage scented soap smells wonderful. I can’t wait to add it to our product line.

The Emma Wilder Farm Facebook page has continued to grow this year. It’s been nice connecting with so many people. We try and get to know as many customers as we can, for we want our patrons to put a face with these products. Making these all natural products is a family event and our patrons are helping to support a small family farm and we can’t thank them enough. Sales from our products also cover the feed for our goats, as well as their vaccinations and upkeep/housing. The truth is that it’s hard to make any real income from a farm. It takes a lot of work and imagination. And just having products available is just half the battle. The other half is letting people know you exist and getting your name out there.

Well it’s time for me to pause from this blog and go feed the animals this morning. Kim and I are looking forward to this new year and all the possibilities that it holds. We hope that your year ahead will be filled with good health and blessings.

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  1. Hello, I tried to order two of your soaps online. I don’t think the order went through. Please check it and email me back. I wish you success in your business. thanks, M Denise Ellars

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